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Сегеди / Budapest, Район XIII
Площадь (м2): 0 m² | Кол-во комнат: 0 | Цена от: 3900000 EURO
Код: H2I-153

Инвестиционные проекты - Сегеди Инвестиционные проекты - Сегеди
Описание Недвижимости

Address: XIII. Szegedi Size: 4500 sqm Co-efficiency: 3.5 Built in area over ground: 60% Built in area under ground: 70% Max height of building: 21 m (7 floor) Net saleable or GLA sqm.: 10800 nm Number of units: 187 Number of garage: 190 Shop: 150 nm Binding building permit for residential. Price: 3,3 M EUR+vat; excellent price. The project was made for residential property, but can be used for building an office as well. The plot/project purchase the own equity requirement is 1,5M Euro Estimated ROI: 30% or 41%; estimated ROE: 330% and 270%. For the residential project the Buyer will need less equity, because the project can be built and financed in 4 phases and the bank requires to have equity only for the given phase! No matter which project the Buyer will choose, it will be a success! Also can be provided management service by sellers.

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