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Недорогие квартиры

Маттиас / Budapest, Район VIII
Площадь (м2): 0 m² | Кол-во комнат: 0 | Цена от: 49000 EURO
Код: H2I-130

Новые дома и недавно построенные - Маттиас Новые дома и недавно построенные - Маттиас
Описание Недвижимости

The project of real estate in Hungary consists of 178 apartments and 103 under cover parking spots. The project incorporates three types of apartments; 60% have one bedroom, 15% contain two bedrooms and 25% are studio apartments.

The standard size of an apartment is 40 meters. This size ensures easy and inexpensive maintenance.


District VIII, the heart of Budapest, Hungary. A bursting area characterized by low property prices and high development rate.

Matthias Court is situated in the heart of Budapest, in the renascencing Downtown. Józsefváros which accomodates Matthias Court is a dominant part of the distinctive Downtown of the Capital of Hungary. Mathias Court with its perfect location can be after of young and of old own heart. The proximity of Universities, cafés, bars and the beautiful green Matthias Park is the treasure of the residentiel court.

Similar to other districts of the Downtown the block rehabilitation has begun also in the 8th district in the past years with the special aim to create bustling life in the city by reconstructing the depreciated housing blocks and their environment. Reconstructions have begun in the recent past and 5,000 brand new flats are to be expected.

The goal of the 10-year development program is to increase the status of Józsefváros in comparison with its present position amongst the other districts of the Capital. One of the most important changes in the life of Józsefváros is due to the arrangements made for improving the public security, such as Public Domain Supervision in Józsefváros.

The unique Józsefváros can be proud of its cultural and historical heritage. The monumental edifice of the National Museum, the Erkel Theater (2nd Opera House of Budapest), the Hungarian Radio, the Szabó Ervin Bibliotheque, the Technical College and the Faculty of Law of Pázmány Péter University can be also found here. We can visit the statues of famous Hungarian patriots in the National Pantheon and certainly visit the „Józsefváros Palace Quarter” behind Kálvin square.

Matthias Court is being built on an infrastructually very developed area. Tramway 4 and 6 cross the Teréz-, Erzsébet-, József- and Ferenc Boulevard and cross the Danube, the metro station is at Blaha Lujza square, bus 7 and 78 run Rákóczi street, so there is no destination that could be reached in more than 15 minutes. The realization of the 4th metro line which will be in the immediate vicinity of Matthias Court will add a great value to the development.

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